I'm sorry...

I apologize for seeming to fall off of the planet for the last month. Knowing that my friends don't actually require an explanation, I still wanted to offer some small part of the reason I've not been on my email, live journal, and most days barely there for my gaming friends.

With my son's return, became absorbed in trying to set his life back into an even keel, and this has been a time of extremely rough seas. He is finally somewhat settled now, so that is a gift. Having him home for Father's Day was a lovely thing for family dinner.

Have also been buried under the weight of my Mom's continued deteriorating condition. She wavers from day to day, has had series of Dr. appointments, has more coming. Had one on Friday where our family Doc had "that" talk with us about hospice, though they say we are not there quite yet, probably because of the tears in my eyes. It does bolster me more than a bit, when the Docs comment on how 'great' we are doing taking care of Mom, as this was her annual full physical. It has been a tremendous strain, and I have been terribly exhausted most days.  

The heat of summer has struck an awful blow, for strength draining weeks consistently. We have been steadily over 110 for over a week, having broken several heat records, including hitting 115 last Tuesday breaking a 125 year temp record. My own health is deeply affected by higher temps, so I've been fighting my health issues while trying to stay on top of all I am needed to do. 

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Happy Birthday to those I've missed!!!

Huge apologies to those Birthday folks I've been absent for, including Fawkesylady394, Gelsey, Chienne_folle, and more. 

Wishing you all Happiest Birthdays spent in the ways You most enjoyed. Take extra special care of yourselves!!! 💖🧡💛💚💙💜

Francinehibiscus also inspired my wishes, thank you.

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Sorry I have been off so much again...

My Mom is back in hospital, thankfully Not covid related (she tested negative again) but it has been scary due to the risk of re-exposure. Sigh. Plus spent a lovely day with a long distance friend, doing what we share a love of. You know who you are. Missing all of my friends, the stress has been awful. I hope things are So Much better in your lives. Still dealing with fallout from a sibling death... just a Lot to deal with. Take care All of you.